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The guide to the best free sports betting

Free sports betting is the bonus most used by operators to attract new customers. While the amount obviously has an impact on the quality of the bonus, you should also take into account the associated conditions. 

How does it work?

Several conditions must be met in order to benefit from a free bet at registration. The first is obviously to be a new customer. The second condition often poses more problems. You must be prepared to deposit a few euros to be able to take advantage of the first free bet in 90% of cases. The remaining 10% are the free bets without deposit that we also discuss on this page. You will understand that the conditions are the only factors that precisely define a bonus. It is also one of the criteria that more or less increases the risk of not validating the first bet.

Is it a good offer?

Yes, with the right strategy and above all by choosing the right bonus. The conditions of certain sports betting sites allow you to bet without too much risk. But who says small risk also says small gain in general. The big problem with free betting is that you often only win your net profits.

No, if you only bet a few euros, your winnings are likely to be ridiculous with this kind of bonus. The importance of seed capital in setting up a strategy is paramount. Taking risks on this free bet prevents you from being in “survival mode”.

If you win a free online bet of 10 euros at an odds of 2, you will have a capital of 20 euros for your next sports bets. However, you will only have won 10 euros in the end, assuming that your deposit was 10€. This means that it will be difficult for you to take risks with 20 euros…

Free bets, what you need to know

We decided to decipher the bookmakers’ bonuses because it is nowadays difficult to understand the difference between free bets, cash back bets and deposit bonuses.

Definition of a Free Bet or Freebet

A Free Bet or Freebet is a bonus that you can receive upon registration or as a promotional offer. This offer cannot be withdrawn directly from your account and only allows you to win the net amount of your wager. If you wager 100 Euros on an odds of 2, 100 Euros will be credited to your player account.

  • Advantages (depending on conditions) ✅
    You can get a Freebet whether your first bet wins or loses in some cases.
    This bonus can be given without deposit in certain cases.
  • Disadvantages (depending on conditions) ❌
    Validity dates
    Only net earnings are credited
    Sometimes impossible to use in several times
    Minimum dimensions

How to find the best free sports betting?

There are a few things you need to consider to find the right free sports betting offer. The different factors below will help you in your search. These factors are related to the information you will find on the different bonuses available on the online betting market. There are several types of bonuses and the freebet is the most common.

The important data to choose your freebet:

  • Amount of the freebet bet ✅

Don’t focus on the limit of the free bet. The real bet amount is the sum divided by the risk. Larger amounts are often riskier because the conditions imposed are complicated to meet. Never lose sight of the fact that the objective is to validate your bet regardless of the form or amount of the bonus.

  • Free bet conditions ✅

More than the amount, beware of the conditions for free sports betting. They give you an overview of the real value of the bonus. The most common conditions are validity dates, restrictions on cash withdrawals of your winnings and restrictions on playing your free bet in instalments. Depending on the bookmakers, other restrictions such as minimum odds may be added.

  • Minimum free bet odds ✅

This can mean two things.

The minimum odds on which you must place your bet to validate the offer.

The minimum odds on which you must place the wager you have already won in order to be able to withdraw it to your personal account.

  • Period of validity of the free bet ✅

After being credited, you often have a period of 7 to 365 days to use your free sports bets. If you do not use it within this time, it may be cancelled.

Please note: the validity period of your offer can also be the time you have to place a bet. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the sports betting sites.

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