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How to win at roulette

Roulette reflects the theory of probability. The casino offers several variations of the game, but the principle remains the same – guessing and betting. The wheel has numbered multi-coloured sections on which the dealer launches the ball.

How to play roulette 

The game has several variants:

  • The European game has 37 sections, from 0 to 36, and is considered the best-known roulette variant, offering a higher chance of a positive outcome.
  • The American game has 38 sections and two of them are “zero” – 0 and 00. This variant increases the probability of losing and is considered a more advantageous option for the casino.
  • The French game has 37 sections. The game is played according to the En Prison principle (if, when betting on equal chances, the ball stops on “zero”, you can spin the wheel again) and the La Partage principle (you can only lose half of the bet on equal chances if the ball stops on “zero”).

To play roulette, the user can bet on one or more numbers, the colour of the section (red or black), even or odd.

How to win at roulette

American roulette has 38 sections and is considered less favourable to users than European or French roulette. This is due to the probability theory that determines the chance of winning. The chance that a player can guess a certain number is 1:36 = 2.78%. A bet on several numbers, for example on 6, increases the probability of winning to 6:36. The wheel has “red” and “black” sections, the ratio is 1:2. If roulette had no zero sections, it would almost be a win-win with a low variance result.

When trying to win at roulette, experienced users recommend not betting on a specific number. In this case, the probability of winning is only – 2.78%. It is not recommended to bet on colours, although this seems like the most obvious and easiest option. If you play roulette according to this scheme, there is a risk of losing 50% to 50%.

Experienced players recommend the six-line method, where you bet on 6 numbers at the same time. The probability of winning in this case is 1:6 without regard to the “zero”. You can also bet on 12 numbers to play at the same time, which reduces the probability of a 1:3 loss. Another option is to bet on 5 blocks – on 30 sections of 37 or 38, which increases the probability of winning by 5 times.

You can also learn other theories that will help you win at the casino. To play roulette without registering, visit the online gambling website. Most websites do not accept bets from unregistered users. The registered users are asked to activate the account to pay out the winnings.

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